About Zinnwald

Bringing global experience to a unique European opportunity

We are a 100% European business, seeking to provide our clients with a product that meets Europe’s high standards and specifications. As a producer of battery-grade lithium hydroxide and SOP for fertiliser, we are working towards a more self-sufficient and sustainable Germany: today, and for decades to come.

Vision and Values


Each step of the project uses proven technology and draws on the expertise of partners that are global leaders in their field.

The owner’s team brings decades of technical experience financing, building and operating successful mining projects.


We are proud to be part of an Ore Mountain mining tradition that is centuries old. But the way we do things today is different.

21st century mining practices need to meet societal and environmental imperatives, and sustainability considerations are built into every step of our approach.

Partnering with
the community

Zinnwald Lithium is committed to fostering long-term partnerships with the local community.

We have a responsibility to ensure that our activities support the local economy and uphold the quality of life of the region.

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Our international team brings decades of global mining and chemical industry expertise.


Our vision is to build a world-leading, highly economic mining and chemical business that adheres to the highest environmental standards. We are working with globally recognised industry experts who share this ethos.

Strategic partner

Our largest shareholder, with a 25% stake in the company, AMG is a global critical materials company that brings extensive expertise in lithium R&D, production and marketing.

Pilot testing the mineral and chemical processing

Metso is a frontrunner in sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for the aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining industries globally.

Electrified underground fleet and other mining equipment

Epiroc is a Swedish manufacturer of mining and infrastructure equipment, applying cutting-edge technology to drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment.

Mine design

SRK delivers specialised services to resource companies, across the mining project life cycle from early-stage exploration through to development and operations to closure.

Designing the chemical process

K-UTEC specialises in processing technologies for technical salts and minerals, ranging from potash and magnesium fertilisers to salts of  energy metals such as lithium.

Geological analysis

Snowden Optiro’s internationally recognised team is focused on maximising the value of the geology function and mineral resources throughout the exploration and mining sequence.

Zinnwald Lithium?

Zinnwald Lithium is seeking to build a world-leading, highly economic business that will uphold high environmental standards. Find out more about the investment case.

Highlights of the March 2024 operational update

Exploring the implications of a larger total resource and a more efficient processing route backed by Metso of Finland. ...

Highlights of the revised mineral resource estimate

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Zinnwald Lithium & Metso Advance Joint Testwork Programme

With a vision to build a world-leading integrated lithium hydroxide operation that adheres to the highest environmental standards, Zinnwald Lithium ...

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