Our goal is to be an important lithium supplier to the European battery industry, but we also plan to produce several additional by-products that are useful to local industries.

Zinnwald Lithium has the potential to be a low-waste project, as most of its mined product and co-products have their own large-scale end markets.

Battery Industry



Zinnwald Lithium?

Zinnwald Lithium is seeking to build a world-leading, highly economic business that will uphold high environmental standards. Find out more about the investment case.

Highlights of the March 2024 operational update

Exploring the implications of a larger total resource and a more efficient processing route backed by Metso of Finland. ...

Highlights of the revised mineral resource estimate

The Zinnwald deposit is now the EU's second-largest hard-rock lithium resource. What does this mean for the project? ...

Zinnwald Lithium & Metso Advance Joint Testwork Programme

With a vision to build a world-leading integrated lithium hydroxide operation that adheres to the highest environmental standards, Zinnwald Lithium ...

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