Extensive work has gone into designing the most efficient and cost-effective processing route for producing lithium hydroxide from ore. We use non-toxic additives and our low-waste process is designed to ensure that as much as possible of what comes out can be used commercially to support local industries.

Simplified flow sheet

The Zinnwald advantage 

 Zinnwaldite is a type of ore first discovered in Saxony in 1845. As a source of lithium, it is more environmentally friendly to work with than the more commonly mined spodumene ore. In processing, less heat is needed in the calcination stage, and the leaching stage can be done using water instead of acid. 

Notably, various parts of our overall flowsheet use well-established techniques from other industries, but are packaged together into one flowsheet for the first time.

the process Diagram
the process Diagram

Potassium carbonate is commonly used in the production of soap and glass and is a good source of potassium, which is an essential nutrient for plants.

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As of 30 September 2023

Zinnwald Lithium?

Zinnwald Lithium is seeking to build a world-leading, highly economic business that will uphold high environmental standards. Find out more about the investment case.

Highlights of the March 2024 operational update

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Highlights of the revised mineral resource estimate

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Zinnwald Lithium & Metso Advance Joint Testwork Programme

With a vision to build a world-leading integrated lithium hydroxide operation that adheres to the highest environmental standards, Zinnwald Lithium ...

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